As part of a research fellowship at the University of Antwerp, I collaborated on a Language Generation project within the application of science fiction generation.


This paper describes a co-creative text gener-ation system applied within a science fictionsetting to be used by an established novelist.The project was initiated as part of The DutchBook Week, and the generated text will bepublished within a volume of science fictionstories. We explore the ramifications of apply-ing Natural Language Generation within a co-creative process, and examine where the co-creative setting challenges both writer and ma-chine. We employ a character-level languagemodel to generate text based on a large corpusof Dutch novels that exposes a number of tun-able parameters to the user. The system is usedthrough a custom graphical user interface, thathelps the writer to elicit, modify and incor-porate suggestions by the text generation sys-tem. Besides a literary work, the output of thepresent project also includes user-generatedmeta-data that is expected to contribute to thequantitative evaluation of the text-generationsystem and the co-creative process involved.


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Ronald Giphart Enrique Manjavacas Folgert Karsdorp Mike Kestemont