Location: GENERATORprojects

Members Generel Meeting is a open an analysis of the GENERATORprojects members' base. On the 17th August, Generator will host a discussion to address an agenda assembled from commmunications between the members, committee and the artist.The agenda for the meeting is currently been drawn up by Ben through a series of correspondance with other members and via an open access

wiki -- www.generatormgm.eu.

The letters to date can be viewed below.

If you would like to bring up a particular point for the MGM agenda please contact Ben at mgm@generatorprojects.co.uk.

LETTER ONE -- Participation

Dear Members,

I have recently become a member of Generator but have previouslyonly practiced outside of Dundee. In August, Generator will hostit's first ever Members General Meeting (MGM). This will be a curated response to the committee's performance, 'Opening', at the2013 Members' Show. For many organisations the AGM or MGM is a legal requirement andwill supply two main functions: To elect a committee and to enablemembers to have a say about the running of the organization, in turn increasing accountability.

In the next 3 months, I will ask members and the committee to raise open questions. I will then draft an itinerary and agenda fromthese; that highlights the collective concerns and confusions, in order to facilitate an open conversation. First of all I would like to ask for questions around member'sparticipation. For example; "Could members curate one show peryear?"Please could you reply to mgm@generatorprojects.co.uk by the June 23rd.

All the best, Ben Burtenshaw (GENERATORmember)

LETTER TWO -- Committee

Dear Members,

Thank you for your responses to my previous letter; Particpation.

I write to you now, to find your concerns specifically associated with the committee: Moreover, the relationship between the committee and members. This letter is accompanied by a similar letter thatwill only be sent to the current committee. In order to open the process of drafting an agenda for the MGM Ihave made a wiki: www.generatormgm.eu As well as replying to this email, you are welcome to input to this open process. Please send responses to mgm@generatorprojects.co.uk -- a closedemail address that only I can access. I look forward to hearing your responses.

All the best, Ben Burtenshaw (GENERATORmember)

P.S. Please note that the date for the MGM has been scheduled for the 17th of August, 4-6pm

Original Letter


I attended the member's show in february: As a response to the performance which I perceived as a challenge on the involvement of member's outside of the annual show. I wish to propose a solo show at Generator Projects. I am a London based artist with no involvement, past my visit to your member's show, in the Dundee art community . I am interested in becoming a fully fledged member and then exploring the role I can take within the organisation without any traditional participation.

The solo show in this instance representing the outlandish reward as a challenge to perceived lack in participation. Look forward to discussing this idea further with you, I have attached a CV and portfolio.

Ben Burtenshaw