Dutch Art Institute's (DAI) Roaming Academy curriculum** Welcome to Econotopia: commons of the contemporary **curated and organised by Renée Ridgway.

\"Welcome to Econotopia: commons of the contemporary addresses areas of transgression, ranging from institutions of culture to contemporary hubs of spectacle to the internet. A portmanteau of 'economy' and 'topia', the term econotopia is coined by artist Stephanie Rothenberg and draws on Foucault's term 'heterotopias', which he employs in an analysis of social and cultural spaces. These delineations could include geo-political conflicts, border crossings, gender-bending, cultural configurations of nature and the creation of meccas of contemporary art. Within these non-hegemonic spaces, physical forms or states of mind offer the transgression of these very same borders. The exchange systems and the currencies that operate within these crossings are the focus of this contribution to Marfa Summer School 2014.

The concept of enclosure brings to mind delimiting some form of spatial terrain in a field of wide openness, reining in the freedom to roam. But by the very nature of building fences or even walled gardens, delineation occurs, giving rise to the idea of property and building constructs of power. As knowledge and opinion become harder to access, transmission only becomes possible through cracks in the infrastructure. High tech surveillance systems monitor borders, keeping tabs on migrants through 'technotopia'. Therefore our contemporary landscape is measured by the extent of our personal mobility and the ability to freely cross borders privileges some citizens over others.\"

Course Description