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To Make a Work is a long running educational program, curated by Grant Watson and a part of The DAI\'s Roaming academy. I took part in a trip to São Paulo, Brazil in order to Research Molecular revolutions and develop a work in progress, that we exhibited at Casa do Povo.

\"This project will take the form of a one-year process of making a work, and will explore how a regular monthly seminar can support this. For the seminar the group will bring their research as well as their collective questions to the table and track the process of making a work individually and collectively, through its different stages from conception to presentation. The seminar is a place to consider practice but also to reflect on questions related to making a work more broadly in terms of cultural politics. For this we propose to look at subjectivity and micro-politics including through a reading of schizo-analysis, in relation to artistic production coming out of our approaches as artist, curator, and psychologist.

We propose to explore these questions as a group in the seminar, through a series of readings and workshops, as well as during a research trip to Brazil, a country where these issues have played an important role -- not only in politics and culture but also in clinical work. The research trip will include a weeklong seminar at the Casa de Povo in São Paulo, with as workshop leaders Suely Rolnik, Peter Pal Pelbert, Wanderely Moreira Dos Santos, Paula Cheiffi, Yael Davids, Grant Watson and others.

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In São Paulo I worked with Julieta Aguinaco and Sarah Demoen on a continuation of out Site of future trailer park project. We jointly wrote and performed a text titled From one thing to something else.

The text will hopefully become available online.

Below is an extract from the text, the extracted section was written by Julieta Aguinaco:

From Home to a kind of ideal Bolivia

From Rome to a kind of ideal Bolivia.

From University to a kind of ideal Bolivia.

From Home to a Kind of ideal University. From Arnhem to a kind of ideal Bolivia. From Mexico to a kind of ideal Arnhem. From Mexico to a kind of ideal Bolivia.

From a kind of Ideal Bolivia to an ancient salt flat. From the airport to a kind of ideal Jurassic Park.

From Jurassic Park to a kind of ideal desert, via a kind of ideal city.

From ancient sea beds to a kind of ideal.

From a kind of ideal to Mexico. From Mexico to a kind of ideal Mexico.

From her to a kind of ideal her.

From answering-email mode to party mode. From one her to another her; from caring to not. From not caring to caring. From wanting to not.

From expectation to disappointment. From disappointment to desire. From surprise to desire. From desire to satisfaction. From one uncanny to another uncanny.

From thinking each other to knowing each other to missing each other.

From wanting it to being bothered by it.

From Home to a kind of ideal becoming. From child to a kind of ideal adult-child. From child to a kind of ideal perpetual child. From adult to a kind of ideal child. From work to a kind of ideal play.

From a life to a kind of ideal play. From work to love and from sober to hangover.

Nostalgia for the night. Nostalgia for the day. Something that happens when one state is transformed into another.