Within the framework of my research fellowship, I presented my research at ICCC as part of a workshop for doctoral candidates. This was immensely useful and rewarding experience, where more established researchers within the field took the time to contribute to the work of less experience doctoral candidates like myself.


AIStories is a proposed interactive dialogue system, that lets children co-create narrative worlds through conversation. Over the next three years this system will be developed and tested within pediatric wards, where it offers a useful resource between the gap of education and play. Telling and making stories is a fundamental part of language play, and its chatty and nonsensical qualities are important; therefore, the prologued usage an automated system offers is a benefit to children. In this paper I will present the current state of this project, in its more experimental and general guise.Conceptually story-telling through dialogue relates to the pre-print interpretation of story, beyond the static and linear medium, where stories were performative, temporal, and social.