In May 2014 I was the curator for Bio-Symphony: Music of the plants, a long-running video and sound piece by Oliver Jennings, exhibited at Royal Horticultural Societies\' Chelsea Flower Show.  Supported by Damanhur in Italy and Funded by the Arts Council England.

Documentation in the chealsea flower show

Bio-Symphony: Music of the plants Press Release

The Cave Studios is acollaborationoftwovisualartists;Oliver Jennings & Ben Burtenshaw.Who\'spractices deal with notions of social collaboration, skill sharing and aesthetic learning.JenningsstudiedatCamberwell College of Artsand works as a graphic designer/ film-maker, though his workisgraphic- design in the loosest sense of the word.Itis better explained as sound art.Understanding communicationas a means topoint directly to ether of things.

TheCave studios exhibit at theChelseaflower show is born out ofJenningsvideo work,every object has a spirit,in which he used alternative means of recording to find sounds hidden in architecture, everyday objects and plant life.The rest of the collaboration is made up by Ben Burtenshaw who\'sinvolvement in the exhibit comes from an intention to to highlight the subtleties at stake within what Jennings is trying to communicate; the inner workings of a plants life-cycle.

Through audio and video medium, directly from electro-magnetic frequencies of the plants within the exhibit, visitors will witness what can actually affect a plant. Placement, light and water will all be exposed to highlight the microscopic activity within a plant.

Bio-Symphony: Music of the plants Press

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