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Our Techno Jouissance - How Could Intelligent and Affectively Orientated Technologies Effect the Brain?

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This essay (part of the Open! Co-Op Academy project "did you feel it?") is concerned with how affective forces move through our technological encounters and how technology itself can alter these, as well as their perception within our brain. It's not so much about the exchanges between one another, as about the situations where other, non-human, intelligences come into the fray. How and where do these intelligences manifest and what psychology do they bring about? In the latter part of the essay, I'll compare some examples with existing theories of affective labour in order to give us an idea of what could come of these forces in the future. Affective labour has become central to consumer capitalism, seen in the prevalence of roles like the call centre worker, and so related theories can show how capital already functions affectively.

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